Breeding Cats

Serval Giorgo

Born in 20. Februar 2020

For us there was nothing better than watching Girogo grow and change from week to week. From the start, Giorgo was what we call a loving shit. He loves driving, rain, his two girls and most of all he loves chicken. What sets Girogo apart is that he still greets us every day with a headbutt that is often too rude and also enjoys lying and cuddling on the sofa with us, Klara and Annabelle, in the evenings.

Savannah F3 Klara

Born in 14. Juni 2020

Klara is definitely the whirlwind of our little family. She would like to just play and fight with her male cat all day long. What makes Klara special are her attentive eyes, the typically large ears and the characteristic traits of a Savannah cat. By following every step, her endless curiosity and retrieving, you can no longer imagine our household without Klara.

Savannah F7 Annabelle

Born in 23. Februar 2020

Annabelle is more of a quiet observer who liked to hide under blankets and pillows from the start. It can sometimes happen that Giorgo doesn’t notice them and simply lies down on them. Annabell’s favorite pastime is telling everyone who comes to visit a lot and begging to be teased. Despite its small size compared to the other two, it is in no way inferior to them. On the contrary, from her point of view, Annabelle sees herself more as the serval of the group.