Welcome at Marshall Savannah

In 2017 we fell in love with the wild and majestic appearance of a serval and knew immediately that we would meet all the necessary requirements to be able to keep an animal like this in our home. The Savannah cat combines the unusual look of the serval with its long legs, small head and large ears with the characteristic features of a domestic cat. Our goal is to breed healthy, fun-loving animals that will enrich you as a future owner for many years to come.

It is particulary important to us that our animals lack for nothing. Of course, we want the same for our kittens, which is why we bring them to the new owner ourselves if desired. All kittens are vaccinated, dewormed and chipped with a pedigree and an EU pet passport. Since special housing conditions are obligatory for the first four generations of this hybrid cat breed, we ask you to inform yourself about them.